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About Me:
Mike Schwiebert PhotoHello! My name is Mike Schwiebert. I am a REALTOR® with INI Realty Investments, Inc.
As a full service real estate agent, I specialize in making peoples real estate goals reality. If it is residential or commercial, there is no better feeling than helping someone and knowing that you helped make a difference in their life. I also love to work with new construction and seasoned investors.

As a former home builder and commercial general contractor for 15 years, I know construction. I can help spot a potential issue before you ever spend money on an inspection. This can be a critical discovery depending on what type of financing you may be using for a residential purchase. Some financing types have condition requirements that have to be met, and I can guide you through the process easily. Don’t let a real estate agent that doesn’t know anything about construction kill a deal for you and cost you money.

I show waterfront homes by boat! If you are looking at a waterfront home in the greater Jacksonville area, you will want to see the most important side, the waterfront. We can take you out and show you the local waterways, restaurants and entertainment venues. There is a ton to do in Jax by boat.904homestore.com-Waterfront-Homes-Jacksonville

Please feel free to give me a call or send me an email so I can apply for the job to be your REALTOR. You can also see some of my reviews here: https://mrorangepark.com/mike-schwiebert-realtor-reviews/

I appreciate your time!

Thank you,

Mike Schwiebert, REALTOR

 For more details Call or Text 904-562-9345